Release Overview

This release moves away from the beta releases. Going forward releases will be identified using the release date only. Subsequent releases we will be introducing versioning for the API. More on that to come. In the meantime please see below for details of this release.

Universal API - Breaking Changes

  • Removal of unsupported consent types:

    • Removed as selectable options the following Open Banking AIS related consents. They are unsupported by the Tapico API

      • ReadDirectDebits

      • ReadOffers

      • ReadPAN

      • ReadProducts

      • ReadScheduledPayments

      • ReadStandingOrders

  • POST /payment-instructions

    • RiskInformation.DeliveryAddress.CountrySubDivision from array to string

    • endToEndIdentification max character length decreased from 35 to 18

    • remitterReference max character length decreased from 35 to 18

Other Updates

  1. GET /Addresses - New Endpoint

    1. In the context of a customer return any addresses (residential, work, postal etc) stored on platform.

  2. Tapico Developer Portal UI Changes

    1. Consent Page - See an audit trail of the consents against your App

    2. Application creation / maintenance workflow - Redesigned to separate out the configuration that is core to an App vs configuration that is service pack specific.

  3. PreSigned URLs

    1. Link (or URL) signing is a technique that can be used by apps to authenticate HTTP requests originating from Tapico using information contained in the URL itself. This adds an additional layer of security for interactions between your application and the Tapico ecosystem.

  4. Consent Flow Changes

    1. Revamped the look and feel of our consent user journey including optimising for mobile. Error and warning screens added for unhappy paths.

  5. Additional Technical Documentation added

    1. Carrying context

    2. Short Vs Long Journey Description

    3. PreSign URLs