Release Overview

The 12th beta release coincides with an upcoming soft launch of our first App Store alongside a partner platform. As well as the usual security and general improvements this release introduces the “Tapico Help Centre” that users of the Universal API can use to raise and track issues.

Universal API - Breaking Changes

  1. Unfortunately any existing consents will have to be reran.

  2. GET / customers - Notification of pending breaking change

    1. The schema of the universal API can now support customers of type Organisations (EG: Companies, trusts, charities etc).

      1. NOTE: This is a breaking change but it is disabled. There is a dependency on a downstream service. Separate communications will be announced with sufficient lead time before the date it will be deployed. We encourage existing applications that rely on the customers endpoint to review the spec now to understand how these changes could impact them.

Other Updates

  1. The Tapico Help Centre

    1. Users can raise and track issues they encounter with Tapico’s API and other services.

    2. More details can be found here

  2. URL taxonomy in the Application - Basic Detail page

    1. The URLs on the app basic details page are now grouped into Functional URLs and OAuth.

    2. The following URLs only accept URLs derived from the organisation's registered domain.

      1. Consent Request Callback URL

      2. Redirect URL

      3. NOTE: In order to edit an existing apps in sandbox you will have to first update the above URLs with your Organisations registered domain. If no domain is registered against your organisation you can add one.

  3. Entity name length limitation

    1. The input value of the names for the following entities has been limited to 100 characters.

      1. Organisations

      2. Upstream

      3. Service Packs

      4. Applications

  4. API documentation improvements

    1. Centralised public face Developer Docs page

    2. API Reference Document updated to detail Enumerations and payload examples 

  5. GET /account-access-consents endpoint

    1. Added lastRefreshDateTime attribute.