Release Overview

The 11th beta release introduces the ability to look through model instruments to see the underlying holdings. The concept of common account and transaction types across data providers. As well as fixing a number of bugs.

Universal API - Breaking Changes

  1. GET /Accounts

    • accountType → sourceType

    • type → ADDED

    • subType → ADDED

  2. GET /Transactions

    • type → sourceType

    • type → ADDED

    • subType → ADDED

  3. Rate Limiting

    • There is now a rate limit of 30 requests per second (RPS) against ALL API endpoints in aggregate.

Other Updates

  1. Inviting existing user to join an Organisation

    • The invitee now has to review and accept invitations under the Profile page. They are no longer automatically added to the organisation.

  2. Application - Support Email

    • Apps can capture a support email against their application and have it appear on the App Store.

  3. Models

    • Model breakdowns are now included in the GET /Holdings under the composition data attribute.

    • Details of the target allocation are available under the new GET /instruments endpoint.

NOTE: Accounts that actually hold models are only available under the Embark - Te43 account service provider. Access is only granted to Applications that have a need to test against model data. If you require access please contact