Release Overview

The 8th beta release expands the offering of the Tapico API. Please see below for details.

Universal API - Breaking Changes

  1. N/A

Other Updates

  1. Additional Wealth Account Servicer

    • Apps integrated to the Tapico Sandbox can request data from a second wealth account servicer. NOTE: Not all endpoints work for every Account Servicer.

  2. BulkDataRefresh

    • The account data permissioned under a particular consent is automatically refreshed every 6 hours. Apps can call refreshed data without sending the AuthorisingUser through the consent flow again.

  3. GET /Customer

    • Updated to only return customers that are natural persons. Corporate customers will be covered under a separate Endpoint to be developed in the future.

  4. Entities:

    1. Organisations - Approved Domains

      • Organisation entities on the Tapico Platform can only use approved domains. Organisations can now list the domains they wish to use. Once approved these are the only domains that can be applied against an upstream owned by that Organisation.

      • No two upstreams can use the same domain.

    2. Applications - Description Formatting

      • App Developers can now format the description of their application. This will appear in the app store as entered.